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Do you get a lot of comment spam? I do. Spam prevention services like Akismet and Mollum do a great job at stopping a lot of the spam. But what happens if a user leaves a good, on topic comment and includes a link back to their site, or another site? By default, search engines like Google will treat that link as a vote.

Whenever you put a link to another website on your blog, a connection is created between the two pages. Search engines crawl your site and follow any links they find. The link created between the two sites can also have an effect on page rank for the site you're linking to. In most cases, linking directly to another site isn't.

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Feb 9, 2016. I've wanted to blog about this for a while now, but was never quite sure what to say and how to say it. But after being directly affected by it twice recently, I decided “enough is enough”… From what I can see, more and more publishers are seemingly applying rel="nofollow" on their outbound links, meaning.

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Jul 20, 2017. Nofollow is an HTML attribute you add to links to tell search engines not that count those links towards search engine rankings of the original link owner. Often times you will come across this when working with brands or sponsors. Some will explicitly tell you that content needs to have nofollow links.

A Nofollow link refers to backlinks that tell the search engines to not go any further, hence “nofollow”. By adding the no follow tag in a backlink, these links don't transfer link juice. Remember that link juice is what determines Page Rank, and the more link juice you have, the higher the page rank a page has. Ways to identify.

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Dec 5, 2015. Adding a nofollow attribute to a link is easy to do and can be beneficial. See how to add one to your WordPress content here!

Update: As a part of the crackdown, it looks like Tumblr is adding ref=nofollow on its like links now. (Note: this is not an official confirmation from the company).

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The new guide goes over some of the most common ways people can take advantage of another site’s reputation— such as adding links in comments—.

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How to add a nofollow code for ALL outbound links? awomanafoot (1 Karma) Nov. Is it better to use nofollow links when linking to brands or to use a no-index tag for a those specific pages? Silver (2 Karma) Nov 15, How do I add different no follow links within body of an existing blog paragraph? Marykate0 (22 Karma).

Do I have to use nofollow? According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, the answer is “YES”. If you are paid or compensated in any way for those links, then yes, you have to use “no-follow”. This allows the searches to be more accurate, because they wont incorporate any paid links into their calculations. From the horse's.

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