How To Change No Follow Setting In WordPress

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Do you want to change usernames in WordPress? We share 3 methods to properly change your WordPress admin username and other usernames (Easy to follow).

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Dec 13, 2008. Getting rid of the rel=”nofollow” attribute is one of the tactics that many WordPress bloggers follow to get more people comment on their blogs. And in my view, When WP (and others) went no follow by default, it affected blog traffic numbers for all blogs that did not change the follow status. I firmly believe.

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Setting up WordPress Cron Jobs is a relatively easy thing to do, but there are some subtle nuances that are required to get them to function properly.

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How to Change the Default Language in WordPress. WordPress allows users to blog or manage content in their language of choice, as long as a translation is available.

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Mar 15, 2017. Throughout their history, robots.txt files have been gradually improving to support specific crawler directives, URI-pattern extensions, indexer directives (also known as REP tags or robots meta tags), and the microformat rel=“nofollow.” Because robots.txt files provide search bots with directions on how to.

A while ago I talked about the benefits of installing the W3TC plugin on your WordPress blog in order to speed it up with various caching, but some readers were.

Apr 30, 2013  · Learn how to create a WordPress website with an e-commerce online store in 2+ hours for less than $25. This website is clean.

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Apr 11, 2016. Follow these instructions on how to properly add nofollow links to your WordPress menu and footer when linking out to external sites.

WordPress’ new built-in media players make it a powerful platform for streaming video and audio. But you might notice that your WordPress install has a prohibitive.

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