Intel Qserp Serp Serma

Intel Corporation Sheltered. of an election under the SERP 401. all of the Participant's Accounts minus the value of the QSERP.

If you were hired before January 1, 2014, a SERMA will be established upon your retirement from Intel if you are a U.S. employee at the time you retire and meet.

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The QSERP: gaming the nondiscrimination rules to provide larger qualified benefits for executives.

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Q-SERPs. How Companies Manipulate the Law to Fund Executive Pay Packages with Workers'. Why do Q-SERPs pose a risk to employees and retirees?

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Updated 4/4/2016 Intel 401(k) Savings Plan and Retirement Contribution — Fidelity*: Within 30 days of leaving Intel you will receive a distribution packet from.

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Intel gave me a surprise farewell gift!. Here is the excerpt taken from the Intel's retirement plan. The Pension Plan in SERP is a so-called "floor offset.

Find retirement information for Intel US retirees, including enrollment, community giving campaign, and Intel® Retiree Organization.

Intel invests all of its contributions to the profit sharing retirement plan in a diversified. plans collectively as the Sheltered Employee Retirement Plan (“ SERP”).

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