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Getting started with using Microdata. Most webmasters are familiar with HTML tags on their pages. Usually, HTML tags tell the browser how to display the.

A few examples of networks that do include meta descriptions are: Digg, BizSugar, and My SEO Community. Just about any social bookmarking / voting network built on the Pligg CMS system will also use the meta description first. While you can edit the descriptions on these networks, you can't count on whether others who.

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Jerod Morris reveals three simple steps that will help you maintain a smart, consistent SEO practice that delivers reliable results into the future.

You are also no doubt aware that the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization. but it does mean that you should supplement your keyword strategy with other niche terms. For example, GlobalSign offers IP SSL Certificates and we.

Sep 11, 2017. When you have a lengthy headline, it's a good idea to get your keyword in the beginning since it might be cut off in SERPs towards the end, which can take a toll on your post's perceived relevancy. In the example below, we had a long title that went over 65 characters, so we front-loaded it with the keyword.

Because keywords are such an important part of the substance of your website content, they require extra special attention. You could even say that keyword usage is a “rite of passage” skill that takes time to acquire. For example, if your site sells church chairs, or knives, you might think that the word “knives” would be the.

Feb 6, 2017. Title tags and meta descriptions are bits of HTML code in the header of a web page. They help search engines understand the content on a page. A page's title tag and meta description are usually shown whenever that page appears in search engine results. (We'll look at some examples of this later.).

Backlinks are the nitrous of every successful SEO campaign. This new guide will teach how to build backlinks in 2017. Every strategy you will read is battle tested.

Right within your LinkedIn is a description, the LinkedIn profile. but at best marketing’s been focused on a goal like an MQL, for example, that may not necessarily align with what the sales team needs to convert. Driving alignment around.

Instead, use the following five strategies to implement a simplified SEO program that’ll stand the test of time. Even if fields such as page or post meta descriptions don’t have the SEO impact they used to, it’s still worth including them.

So here's an example of a meta description that might not produce the results you 're looking for -. "Trust John Doe as your REALTOR of choice with Keller Williams Realty. John Doe is a real estate agent licensed in State1 and State2.".

the extent of “SEO optimizing” for many webmasters was simply to insert relevant keyword phrases into the meta-tags for a page. Here’s an example of a site that’s heavily focused on the meta-keywords: There’s nothing necessarily wrong.

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We have enough SEO analysis & prospecting tools, but we’re usually stuck with 3 main manual tasks: Qualifying prospects Collecting contact information

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To attract as many visitors to your Shopify store as possible, knowing the fundamentals of Shopify SEO is key.

Jun 6, 2017. An SEO friendly product description describes the core features and benefits along with the practical use of a product or service. Because the search engines are now focused on providing value rather than the ranking the keywords stuffed together on product pages alone. Take the example in this image.

Aug 3, 2017. The above is an example of how one of our Academy articles appears in Google search results. Adding Your Meta Title & Description. You can edit your existing pages or blog posts to add a meta title and description within the SEO section of the editor. You can also set these tags for new pages you create.

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Keyword Tips. Be user focused. Google focuses on searcher intent – not just keywords. It is getting much better at understanding semantic meaning. For example, Google knows it's very likely that the word “flowers” is relevant in an article in which the word “gardening” occurs, while this is not true for the term “ television.

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