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. 300 or so plugins and notified developers of those plugins found to be vulnerable. WordPress admins who use any of them should ensure they have been updated in the past few days to patch the bug. It’s likely that additional.

Description. Event Organiser adds event management that integrates well with your WordPress site. By using WordPress’ in-built ‘custom post type’, this plug-in.

All In One Seo Review The goal of this post is to approach keyword research for SEO from it’s roots and build toward the more

Oct 4, 2016. Yoast SEO is a free and very popular SEO plugin. Write a new post and below the content editor, you can see Yoast Snippet Editor. Yoast SEO is very powerful and advanced plugin, Under Titles & Metas section, You can write hand -crafted meta description for Homepage, Post Types, Taxonomies and.

The definitive guide to Search and Social Meta Tags you should be using in 2013.

It has a number of user-friendly tools and plugins to help you. optimizing your RSS feed and Yoast helps you do that. You also have some other tools in here. You have a bulk editor, kind of like we had in WP SEO, but it’s a little bit.

Dec 2, 2015. We're now thinking about how to improve the snippet editor so it's more obvious how you are able to edit,” he said. The issues experienced by people upgrading WordPress SEO is a good example as to why automatically updating plugins is a bad idea. While the team continues to work hard to fix issues in.

Usually we would embed the video using a shortcode like this: Warning: Don’t switch back to visual editor or your code will be butchered apart. Yes, not ideal. The best would be to adjust or code your own plugin. using the Rich.

Sep 8, 2017. Luckily for us WordPress users, there's an awesome plugin that can manage plenty of WordPress SEO aspects for us: Yoast SEO. In this post I'll review some. Another cool feature of Yoast SEO is that you get to write the title and text snippet that will show up in Google's search results. So, instead of simply.

Udemy Blackhat Seo All In One Seo Review The goal of this post is to approach keyword research for SEO from it’s roots

“Internet Explorer has bugs. It freezes. It requires all these annoying updates,” said Lee Dong-won, a 35-year-old businessman. “But everybody I know uses it,” said Seo Yeon-ho. of additional software, or “plugin,” known as.

We have been using WP Rocket for a year and haven’t discovered any bugs or problems. sacrificing rich snippets. Also, it is compatible with most of.

The definitive guide to installing & configuring Yoast SEO plugin with recommended settings for best OnPage SEO of your WordPress site. Yoast Breadcrumbs, Permalinks & RSS Feed; Yoast Bulk Editor; Yost Premium Extras; Yoast Content & On Page Optimization. I often get asked what's. The first one is for problems.

Turning back on ACF rendered Yoast SEO worthless again (doesn't recognize that posts have any word count). the free plugin anymore, and I'm guessing his ego doesn't let him even consider that it might be his problem and not ACF, so he hasn't had any bug fixes rolled out for over two weeks now!

If you followed the instructions in my post “How do I move WordPress from a subdirectory to the root directory?” and you encountered any issues, please read the.

This is the ultimate guide to dominating Google’s search results in 2018. And let me be clear about something: This is NOT a lame “SEO in 2018” predictions post.

I use another SEO plugin for an organisational website. Sure it lets me put keywords all over the place, but YOAST does so much more. My WordPress strategy is to.

Apr 7, 2014. You can also disable Noindex, rel=”author”, snippet dates, and the WordPress SEO meta box underneath posts and pages. You can customize all of this. The plugin adds a “WordPress SEO by Yoast” box underneath the post editor for all your posts, pages, and post types. The general tab is where you.

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Last year we did a post on Web development tools. A lot has changed in the past year, and there are tons of new tools available to developers. Options include drag-and-drop application builders, code repositories, project management.

While the plugin was never deemed ready enough to be added to the official WordPress core, some developers experimented with it, and some of them even used it in production environments. The feedback and bugs reported.

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Mar 11, 2015. Millions of WordPress sites may be exposed to a Blind SQL Injection vulnerability due to a security hole in the very popular Yoast SEO plugin. This attack is often used when the web application is configured to show generic error messages, but has not mitigated the code that is vulnerable to SQL injection.

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