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Well built athletes in group room fuck


This is my third post on the subject since Kona. Compare it to cooking. You might follow a recipe, but hopefully you adjust to the circumstances. Maybe a little bit more salt and some extra cream to make it taste as you want.

Perhaps the chicken needs a little bit longer in the oven to reach the desired temperature.

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And I want my training menu to be as tasty as possible! The plan recipe said 3 weeks completely off, followed by weeks easy start and then back to structured training.

And the weak weeks went on and on…. But, I did not push it. Instead I tried to walk the talk and listen to the signals. And the signals said: Take it easy, more rest needed.

I tried a couple of swim sessions, some light indoor biking and a few short runs. I also went to the gym. And all this was done with one purpose: The outcome of these tests was: Like when you open the oven to see if your chicken is ready. Then you can either follow the recipe and eat a partly rare chicken… which might turn out to be a bad decision, or you can be patient and wait. I chose to be patient.

And tried to handle the potential stress emerging from this since I reconed the need for more recovery was due to the stress I had put my body and mind through during the season. Not the least the total exhaustion I pushed myself to in Kona.

It turned into a 15 k easy pace run session the ambition was to try to run at least 12 k with a good feeling. Focus will be on easy sessions and strength training. And the next day I could feel my throat getting soar. Nothing serious, not even a real man cold i. Now, I find this pretty frustrating. I really want to get back to some kind of structured training since it makes me feel better in so many ways. My guess is that most of us tri athletes experience periods of feeling sick, weak or just mentally low.

Or why not lumbago or severe Achilles pain. Now to the good news: This year I had the season of my life — AND — I had periods of feeling sick, weak or just mentally low during this year. And lumbago 14 days before IM Calle — this is exactly what happened during — and it predicted an athletes group room fuck race and an astonishing season! I bet you also experience interruptions in your training for various reasons. I hope this short post can help you accept the situation and use it to rest and build motivation.

Today I did my first run session since Kona. Not long, not fast, but wow was it great! It was a spontaneous run during lunch and I felt that I ready for a new beginning. Since Kona Oct 13 th I have had no structured training, and actually almost no training at all. Oct 20 I returned to the swim start and jumped in the water It was our Well built day in Kona and I wanted to enjoy swimming there before heading home to Sweden.

I retrospect I can see that this weekend I slowly started training again. Structured training with swim, bike, run focus will however not occur quite yet. So, I gave myself 3 athletes group room fuck almost completely off. But quite a few seem to struggle with the transfer from knowing to doing in this case.

This is not my first break during One longer and one shorter. OK, not completely off, since I had one aqua gymnastic session in a hotel pool in Croatia with my wife and some 20 other touriststwo family gym sessions and two easy run sessions. My wife had arranged a surprise trip to Italy, so we got up at 3 am on Wednesday and came back after midnight "athletes group room fuck" Saturday. During these four days focus was on relaxing, enjoying good food and even better wine much food and even… and the company of each other and our friends Maria and Magnus that just happened sure to be scheduled at exactly the same trip.

I did swim for 20 minutes one morning, and I completed a hilly 14 k run session in the heat. I had a great race and executed one of my best 21 k runs ever, 1.

I believe that in order to perform as an Ironman athlete, we should make sure we keep track on all these three aspects of health. My four days in Italy with my wife and close friends at a wonderful vine yard with an excellent kitchen and wine cellar might have taken a tiny portion off my physical form compared to a standard preparation for a But the mental and social well-being group room fuck I was able to get outweighed that ten fold. They lift me from the beach bed used in the medical tent and the ice-cold water surrounds me, leaving only my head and my left arm with the i.

Next thing I remember is lying on one of the beach beds again. I can feel the cold plastic ribbon against my lower back and realises that they must have cut my brand new swim skin open for some reason. My legs and stomach starts cramping — It hurts. Actually it hurts all over Well built athletes in group room fuck. As my mind slowly becomes clearer as a consequence of my body temperature coming down and the i. A Well built athletes sits down beside me.

I grab his warm soft brown arm and hold on to it tight. He looks at me with a calm smile. The doctor asks if he may give me something against the cramps via the infusion and I appreciate it. I spend in the medical centre, but when the situation becomes stable I remember how the team that has taken care of me starts to greet each other and introduce themselves. I realise that these guys formed an emergency team the moment I got carried in to the med. I get even more impressed and grateful!


If any of you read Well built athletes in group room fuck — I hope you are super proud of yourself! You were simply amazing and definitely my champs. One of the nurses has checked my results in the tracker app. Lying on a bed wrapped in emergency blankets I let it sink in: The goal I defined a year ago as the ultimate achievement has become reality; Winning my age group in Ironman World Championship and setting a new AG course record. Now, 2 weeks later, I am proud, happy and grateful.

After a good night sleep I arrive early at body marking. I fix my bike as everybody else and put on my swim skin. A short swim warm up at the Kamakahonu beach and a chat with Nelker, Annika and a couple of other Swedish athletes. Catch, easy, frequency, catch, easy, frequency… I get a good start and manage to keep calm.

As we approach the turning point 1. Well done I tell myself. Some m after the turn around I find myself swimming beside a guy that obviously has the same pace. We swim parallel for a while and I watch his stroke; perfect catch, high elbow through out the stroke and he even pulls through with the palm facing back all the way.

I come to the conclusion that this is a skilled swimmer, and then think of coach Oscars last text message: So I decide to fall back and see if I can stay behind this guy. My race plan is to swim steady with good form without pushing it. I exit the water and glance at my Garmin: I know I should get through T1 in about 3 minutes… A perfect start, and.

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