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Reapair the mechanic


Junktown needs your help! Tear down, fix, repair and upgrade an unstoppable war machine to wreck your enemies and survive the harsh wasteland! Only the craziest and most skilled mechanics have any hope of surviving! Are you mad enough? Start with a rusted frame, strip out the junky old parts, and salvage what performance parts, weapons, and armor you can to piece together an unstoppable war vehicle!

Cannibalize parts from your enemies' cars to Reapair the mechanic your own car stronger! Push yourself to the max! You get to play half the game with ads. Upgrade to the FULL version to unlock the everything and remove all ads! Barely surviving, a girl from Reapair the mechanic Junktown rescues you Rise from the Junktown streets and earn the town's trust by performing car maintenance and fixing up their encampment before going on raids in the ruined cities of the Old World.

Unleash your fury and destroy your enemies to steal parts from their vehicles to make your own car stronger!

Junktown and maybe the whole wasteland is counting on you! FireRabbit is proud to offer you the biggest, longest, and craziest Fix My Car simulator game ever made - almost 2x longer than any of our previous games!

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