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Travis berkley fucks his online date christian bay


He knew it was coming.


This time was different. It was almost as if he was hiding in his room and he kept saying they are coming. He had been perfectly normal until he received word of the death of several people, but one in particular who would make sure the person with information would remain quiet.

It took less than a week for them to come for our celebrity. Posted by ent lawyer at Other celeb could be Kate Soade maybe-her creep ass hubby looks pedo. Bourdain also apparently had been suicidal for at least 13 years and had "Travis berkley fucks his online date christian bay" with heroin, per the DM.

Bitter Blondin, I don't get it either. And didn't somebody say he was a martial arts aficionado? Wouldn't he have put up a fight that left evidence?

Who actually believes this stuff? What connections did Bourdain have with anyone in power?

What was he going to say about anyone like Clinton, Weinstein, etc that anyone else hasn't already said? Who is this "they" Enty speaks of? We don't have to make things up. Aja and the strange photo that was shown before the death was public, Andy Spade and his mask. We didn't make this up.

Look up the stories before the deaths. I don't have it handy, but there's a twitter feed that gives a pretty chilling account of Asia Argento's life with her dad.

There is the creepiest picture in the world of her sitting on the edge of a bed, eyes full of despair, and him reaching towards her, eyes full of something much different. Are these people trying to "Get Out" but instead being taken out, one by Travis berkley fucks his online date christian bay Are they killing themselves because they know the ax is about to fall?

Is Trump actually the hero here, or being blackmailed himself?

To read more than 200...

Is it all theater before the Yellowstone Caldera blows? Dude, where's my car? He was tv chef with a big mouth. How many celebrities have spouted off, without getting offed? I'm not saying there isn't a possibility, but not everything's a conspiracy theory. I mean, this depressed ex-addict celebrity was allegedly killed, but the mountain of dead bodies, in the Clinton's rear view mirror, consisting of journalists, politicians, businessmen, etc, never made anyone question anything?

I actually believe this one and I am so not a conspiracy person. What better way to knock off someone who has a significant history of depression than to stage a suicide. I am hoping this is not the case but there have been a lot of celeb suicides in the past year or Travis berkley fucks his online date christian bay. Stop it with this QAnon bullshit. I'm sure Abramovich and the cabal weren't calling for the death of a celebrity chef.

Give me a fucking break! Actually, the stuff I've read said the opposite of this. That after filming was done, he kept completely to himself and was not talkative at all. He wasn't rude, but didn't engage anyone and would go straight to his room. Bourdain was a large man - do you think he just offered up his neck and stood on a chair? There would have been a loud, furniture-moving fight if this were murder.

Yes, he could have been drugged. But, tox reports, which are routine in autopsies, will reveal this. I am so sick and tired of these Q followers thinking Trump is the hero behind all of this.

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