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Signs youre hookup a closeted gay man

Gay men hang out there...

Have you ever wondered if your other half is gay? Do you risk it all and ask him, or keep quiet and try and forget about it? Watch how meticulous he is with his grooming, and see what products he owns.

Gay men often idolize people who have elaborate, over the top lifestyles. He might also love over the top makeover shows, and big award shows such as the Grammys. Who does he look at when you are out? Do his eyes jump from man to man, does he focus on hot men or does he not look at anyone at all?

Like it or not, men have wandering eyes but a straight man will look at other women, even subconsciously. If he refuses to go to the toilet in public and instead wants to go home, it might hint to him not being comfortable in his sexuality. Remember, though, that some people are really only comfortable Signs youre hookup a closeted gay man their own toilet.

Most straight men cannot understand gays.

If your boyfriend regularly talks about how gay men had a hard fight and should be accepted, or quotes gay men or Oprah, he might be trying to justify his sexuality. Gay men will often pick a female character in a game, or choose a very hunky man.

The reason for this is unknown, but it is psychologically proven to be correct! A study shows that gay men almost always chose to play as Storm, while straight men chose from a range of men. So watch his gaming habits and see what charcater he picks as his avatar. Listen for the way he compliments you.

Dr. Joe Kort, author of...

Does he tell you that you look beautiful, or tell you that your jacket goes great with those skinny jeans and you should finish the look with diamante boots and pink nail varnish? Gay men are often very fashionable, so see how clued up he is.

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