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The dude likes to make a mess


Despite his entertainingly cavalier flourishes as Roysephus Pulsipher, a 19th- century stetson-sporting Wild West marshal, even Bridges cannot rescue R. The film teams Bridges with Ryan Reynolds: He has the kindest face, the sweetest manner. Nicholson, De Niro and Pacino among them.

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What, I ask him, did it feel like to hear Kate Winslet open that envelope and read his name? I felt my folks there very much. I tell him he seemed like a teenager.

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Do people still quote the film The dude likes to make a mess him, I ask. Especially having worked with Bernie on it, you see another layer. Bridges comes from a showbiz family. His father, Lloyd Bridges, was famous for his role in Sea Hunt, the television series in which Jeff and his brother Beau appeared as small boys. Later, as teenagers, the brothers came up with an ingenious way of finding an audience.

We played the supermarket circuit. Oh, it was terrible. So when he said, 'Ah! He still suffers from chronic indecision when it comes to taking roles.

I do have trouble with choice. So I decided to do a little experiment and just throw myself into the situation. So I did and I just had the most incredible time. Yeah, coming up with the goods for this. But there you go, you see.

Perhaps one source and sign of this equanimity is the stability of his private life. I ask him how he explains the success of their marriage.


They met in when he was filming Rancho Deluxe. Geston was waitressing at the ranch where they were filming and her broken nose and two black eyes led him to fantasies about saving her from an abusive boyfriend. I finally worked up the courage to ask her out and I said, 'Would you like to go out with me?

I was just bowled over.

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They have three daughters; their eldest, year-old Jessie, shares his love for country music Bridges released an eponymous album in and is about to go on tour with her father. Country music, I imagine, has changed much more slowly than the moviemaking industry. I wonder if Hollywood now seems like a different world to the one he started out in decades ago. His longtime friend T Bone Burnett has said that the character Bridges most resembles is not, however, the Dude, but his character from Starman, the sci-fi film that earned Bridges another Oscar nomination for his performance as an alien come to Earth.

Yeah, seeing the wonder of being alive.

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