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What sexologists dont know about female orgasms


Here's the link for more details loves: Where they can express their pleasure, feel wildly confident in bed and experience deep intimacy in their relationships.

All the details are here beautiful: It would be an honour to share this journey with you and see you thrive in this area of your life.

Here's that link again: And 1 in 10 of us have never had an orgasm at all. So today, I want to share 4 ways that you can increase your chance or reaching orgasm - tonight - and reach orgasm more easily and more often. I'm explaining the 7 different kinds possible in today's orgasmweek podcast.

While there is a really small percentage of women who can't reach orgasm, most women can learn to have an orgasm with the right support. In today's orgasmweek podcast, I'm answering the question: What can I do if I've never had an orgasm? Today I'm answering a question one of you ladies asked me recently: Why is it harder to reach orgasm with partner? Heterosexual men are more than twice as likely to have an orgasm as women in sexual encounters. There are things we can do to make sure we feel greater pleasure, feel empowered around sex and love being intimate.

Presence is being with someone without judgement, agenda or What sexologists dont know about female orgasms. When we can be truly present and accepting of someone, they heal and can often discover themselves what they need to do. When we can share something that is hurtful and painful, and have it HELD by someone who is present, it settles and resolves itself.

What if we simply listened with the desire understand?

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What if even if we don't agree, we could have empathy for another's experience? If you haven't listened to the episode yet, just do it. It will change your understanding of men and women and how we communicate. I just needed to stop and open - and see the love that was already there. To let it in.

There were people waiting to love me, to tell me and show me that they loved me. But I needed to stop and connect with them long enough to give them the chance. When I asked my community a couple of weeks ago what you would want to know from a male relationship expert, I was flooded with questions. This is really one podcast episode not to be missed. I had so many 'ah-ha' moments talking to Gideon, I'm sure you will too. Once you've listened, tell me your biggest take-away in the comments.

I'd love to hear what you think! Relationships thrive when women are strong enough in themselves to express desire, love and appreciation for the men What sexologists dont know about female orgasms their lives. I've been blessed to have some incredible men in my life. Men that I trust, respect and look up to. Men that have supported me, honoured me, respected me. I enjoyed sex, but I felt guilty about it for a long time.

And I was too embarrassed to ask for what I wanted in bed. Giving oral sex is an almost guaranteed way for me to turn myself on… But more important than that, it also opens my heart. I know that no Knowing their partner's 'love language' has been transformative for so many of my clients.

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