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Homo couple nailing each other


Intervju med Dave Wyndorf! Jag intervjuade honom för första gången och han visade sig vara lika trevlig och tillmötesgående den här gången.

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Bandet är just nu aktuella med senaste given "Mastermind" och de spelar på Klubben i Stockholm nu på fredag den I´m tired from all the work but I´ll be able to relax when I get on tour, if you can believe it? That´s how busy it is around here when I can actually say that the tour is more relaxing. So, you´ve got any trick or treating coming up this weekend? It´s for the kids and I´ll go out and buy a ton of stuff. Halloween is a great day, it´s a triumph for "Homo couple" It´s a day where they get to do everything they want to do.

I´ll do my thing. How´s New Jersey these days? For what I see of it, it´s good! I don´t really get out much. Working this record to the bone, so it´s practice at night, press during the day, practice nailing each other night. Studio 13 which is like an extracurricular Monster Magnet project after that. But New Jersey is looking good. What´s the music scene like these days?

Ebony fucks pal and pals...

It never was that good! It´s one of those places that gets a big reputation around the world, but I´m telling you man, it kind of sucks. It´s like we live in the shadow of New York City and I think it really makes people a little bit nervous. When I was a kid, if you were really serious about doing it, you went to New York City to do it, so the people that were left over would do it here.

There´s lots of cover bands, bands that play other guys material and lounge stuff. There is the Brighton Bar and some of that stuff, but there hasn´t been… there´s a band from here called Solace that´s really good. And Atomic Bitchwax, this old band, that´s still playing and… there must be something else but the place I practice in over there, there´s a lot of bands coming through but I haven´t heard anything that sounds outstanding.

You would think with so many people in one place that it would be a fountain of music, but sometimes it´s not. I think it´s intimidated by New York. The new album then? I read that that you never wrote songs when you were on drugs, because I thought if there was a big difference writing songs now that it´s all in the past?

I did tons of psychedelic drugs when I was a kid, so I tried it, but it never works out. It´s like, people who Homo couple nailing each other pot should listen to music and people who don´t smoke pot should make music! You should remember what "Homo couple nailing each other" like to be high, but you shouldn´t necessarily be high.

Still, Homo couple nailing each other think of the bands from the 60´s and the 70´s and The Doors and Joplin and Hendrix and all that stuff. You kind of got the idea that they wrote a lot of music being either drunk or high and that kind of expanded their minds. When you look at the bands that actually did really, really get high a lot, most of the records back then… if you look at Hendrix stuff, the higher he got the worse his records got.

The best shit is the first couple of records and then his just drugged out noodling. Out of tune… I think the whole thing about getting high in music is, you are who you are and how you´re affected by drugs that has an effect on how you´re perceiving things.

Escape will cancel and close...

I can´t see how that would expand your mind, it distorts it! So if you can Homo couple nailing each other something cool out of distorting your perception, that´s great! It´s the complete opposite of expansion, it´s distortion. You have to do this thing twelve times, because when you´re that high, you´re not even gonna begin listening to that part until six of them has gone over.

I used to write music for people who got high and in my mind when I first started Monster Magnet, that´s why the songs were so long. I remember sitting on the couch and I wouldn´t even hear this part unless it went twelve times.

I was stoned and it would really get there by count twelve and the after a while of course I just got bored with it. How much stuff was recorded? Was it just the songs on the album or did you have like a ton of stuff and you picked from that? I wrote like fifteen songs when I got back from England last year. Homo couple nailing each other were under a deadline of course, the mystery deadline that I didn´t know.

We´re gonna have a record out in ! I went in and wrote as fast as I could and it took about a week.

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