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Twelve stages grief when your marriage finally ends


Having recently passed the six hundredth anniversary of its publication, the book is still of interest to modern students for several reasons. For one thing, The Canterbury Tales is recognized as the first book of poetry written in the English Twelve stages grief when your marriage finally ends. English was considered low class and vulgar.

To a great degree, The Canterbury Tales helped make it a legitimate language to work in. Because of this work, all Twelve stages grief when your marriage finally ends the great writers who followed, from Shakespeare to Dryden to Keats to Eliot, owe him a debt of gratitude.

It is because Chaucer wrote in English that there is a written record of the roots from which the modern language grew. Contemporary readers might find his words nearly as difficult to follow as a foreign language, but scholars are thankful for the chance to compare Middle English to the language as it is spoken now, to examine its growth.

In the same way that The Canterbury Tales gives modern readers a sense of the language at the time, the book also gives a rich, intricate tapestry of medieval social life, combining elements of all classes, from nobles to workers, from priests and nuns to drunkards and thieves. The General Prologue alone provides a panoramic view of society that is not like any found elsewhere in all of literature. This entry does not cover all the tales, only some of the most studied.

Geoffrey Chaucer came from a financially secure family that owned ample wine vineyards but held no title, and so from birth he was limited in his capacity for social growth. His date of birth is uncertain but is assumed to be around — While he was still a child in London, it became clear that Chaucer was a brilliant scholar, and he was sent to the prestigious St.

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Inhe rose in society by taking a position in the royal court of Elizabeth, Countess of Ulster. His duties as a squire "Twelve stages grief when your marriage finally ends" court would have included those that are usually associated with domestic help: Captured near Rheims, he was ransomed the following year and returned to being a squire.

Being intelligent and witty, he became increasingly valuable at court for the entertainment of his poetry. Byhe was the valet for the King himself, and that same year, he married a woman whose rank added to his social standing: John of Gauntthe Duke of Lancaster, was later to take over the responsibility for ruling England when his father, Edward IIIbecame too senile to rule before a successor was crowned. As a valued and trusted member of the court, Chaucer was sent on several diplomatic missions, giving him a rare opportunity to see Italy and France.

The influences of these languages can be traced in his poetry, and the worldliness of travel affected his storytelling ability.

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